Laurel Keck

Website Log

I’ve decided to take a firmer step towards catching myself up on current web design methods by working a bit on my website daily. To help keep track, I’ve made this log and am considering a daily commit to the project in GitHub with a description of my progress. A commitment to commits, if you will. From work on a draft of a post to tiny adjustments to the CSS, I will count any and all of it as long as something is being done daily. I automatically dread anything that feels like I’ve given myself homework, but I’m excited about my website and very excited to learn.

Date Description
2021-07-30 Made first commit to GitHub repository, then connected the repository to Netlify and rerouted my domain name to my new website location. I also updated my Now and About pages and my 2021 Reading Log.
2021-08-01 Added “About this Website” section to the About page. Started a post about links in Jekyll.
2021-08-02 Fixed an issue where a non-functioning link prevented Linking to Pages in Jekyll post from being generated. Added Tumblr username to “config.yml”.
2021-08-03 Changed website url in “config.yml” from “” to “” in order to correct an issue where my Atom feed is not secure. Also added my LinkedIn username to “config.yml”. Updated About page to include a mention about the Jekyll tag on my Tumblr blog.
2021-08-04 Made a CSV with website log data.
2021-08-06 Played with HTML and markdown formatting within the website log CSV
2021-08-08 Wrote a blog post explaining what I’d learned about Markdown tables vs CSVs in regards to how Jekyll renders them.